Male Feelings, the Most Precious Material in the Universe

Warped Nectar

I read this post, which I have re-titled for clarity’s sake, Dear Feminists: Male-Bashing Hurts Male Feelings. In this post, a man lets feminists know we are doing feminism wrong because it makes dudes feel icky, tells us how to do it right, and gently, as a sweet, supportive femme would, explains why we should do it.

I see a lot of people male bashing, like making hostile or sweeping negative generalizations about cis men, here on Tumblr and elsewhere, in “feminist” circles. I don’t think this is okay, I care about all people, including cis males. And I would hope people care about cis males too, but I want to explain why even if you don’t care at all about cis males, bashing them is likely to hurt trans and non-binary people far more than cis males.

Male-bashing is when a person makes hostile or sweeping generalizations about cismales. This…

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On Torture and Male Pattern Violence

The Feministahood

In this essay I argue that male pattern violence, and the patriarchal system it serves to uphold, cause severe pain and suffering to vast numbers of women and children and that this takes place within plain view of the state. And I argue that therefore male pattern violence is a form of state sanctioned torture of women and children. I also critique the analysis of the Persons Against Non-State Torture organisation.

I refer to male violence against women and children as male pattern violence in an attempt to depersonalise it and sidestep all the circular objections that inevitably arise when women attempt to name male violence, such as Not All Men Are Like That and Some Women Are Violent Too.

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Women Only

Portia Smart

“Men are feminists too” “not ALL men” “what about men?!”

Women-only spaces are VITAL for women – all women.

I have attended many feminist gatherings over the last 2 years – some were formal such as conferences and some were informal such as social gatherings. For me feminist gatherings should be for women only because only women can be feminist. However, post modernism and liberalism have developed an uneasy, amorphous, glutinous mass within feminism. Boundaries are blurred and many social groups no longer have the ability to gather without interference from more privileged social groups. I find this incredibly sad, damaging and erasing.

Men have been present at 20% of the feminist gatherings I have attended since 2012 and the impact of men in feminist spaces has been significant. Men silence women – even the “good” ones. Men in feminism fill the space. They infiltrate, dominate, captivate and warp feminism…

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Lately, there has been a deeper evil hanging in the air. I sense it everywhere, and see its claws testing its new playground whenever I read of previously unthinkable onslaughts against women and womanhood. The Burning times are coming.

All living things weep for what is coming. They sense it too. Women, the rightful stewards of the earth, about to be crushed again. The rain is mournful, fruit stunted, cats snuggle up a little closer.

Something wicked.

Why men should stop calling themselves feminists

Lavender Blume

When Emma Watson posted a tribute to the late Alan Rickman by highlighting one of his quotes about feminism, she faced a swift backlash for what some people idiots claimed was a gratuitous promotion of feminism (because promoting feminism is a bad thing and famous people are never quoted in memorandum?).

It’s always good overall, I think, when men can say the word feminism without looking like they’ve just smelled something funky. Although it’s helpful that not all men (or women) think it’s a dirty word, not speaking derisively about the movement for women’s liberation is a basic minimum of decency. If the bar has been set so low that men are lavished with praise for verbally recognizing that women are human beings, this is a solid argument for sustaining the topic in public discourse, to be sure.

The question is: who should shape and own that discourse? Lately there…

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You Need Drugs

I know people who say they help you are so angry you are crazy you always go on and on and on about this.

You’re being too picky he may care for you you are crazy

No that’s not what I want this is what I want you are crazy

Yes here I am doing these impressive things no you cannot have that

You have to work

No you cannot be given a value on your work

You have to work, and be grateful

To be allowed into my enterprise

To belong belong belong

You are crazy