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So Sad

I knew her, but she didn’t understand

That I knew what she needed
So much better than she did.

She did not understand
That we are mountains
And she was aiming too high.

She did not see
Her good fortune when
I dropped my glove in her presence.

When I allowed her into my presence
And accepted her gifts
How joyous she was.

Could she not see
That such joy is worth everything?

Could she not see that her resistance
Was pointless?

How sad she is, now, without me.
She writes and yells
She writes and says she misses me
Or something. She goes on and on. About men, or something.

What is she doing, this ignorant woman?

I am Joy. To be with me is joy.
Sure, I’m not perfect. I know I offend in ways
Whatever they are
Except for the ones these women make up
And you can’t expect me to keep track of all of this
Anyway, because

I have a lot going on
I have so many ideas
And none of you ever want to help, you women

I am always left alone
Without help
Just me and my amazing ideas


They Do It Intentionally

When they keep telling you, it’s you

and you keep saying, no, it’s you

and this goes on and on

and on and on and on and on and on

until you just can’t do it anymore

until you don’t care, just then

who it is anymore

That is when they think they win

That your defeat admits that it is about you

But actually, it was never about you

It was never about your love

or your sense of obligation

or your free heart.

It was never about your love

It was never about your creativity

it was never

about anything but a bunch of lies.

because lies work

lies mindfuck us

because we are trained to always be kind and trusting

see how that works?

they may not know what they do

but they still do it on purpose

because it works. So, sisters

the goal here, the only one that can work

Is to fight to stop that business of working

From working. The only goal

That works, is about breaking that working

Smash it to smithereens.

get these bad works out of our way

So we can get on with it, the work

that is not about poison

that is not about holy lies

The work about life wanting to live

that life whom we have almost


But not quite.


Freeing Women: Deprogramming and Reprogramming as First Steps

Story Ending Never

I decided last year that I had to transition. From Male-Focused to Female-Focused. I mean, a lot of women know that men harm them fundamentally and relentlessly on a daily/constant basis. But knowing is not the same as committing to doing something about it. Commitment is fucking hard, especially one that requires that you deconstruct an identity formed through years and years of 24/7 programming that goes against your nature, and to create a new one that has no model to which you can look for guidance or upon which to build.

Becoming a ‘natural woman’, by which I mean ‘free woman’, is uncharted territory, or perhaps undocumented territory is the better term, given how thoroughly men erase any evidence of women’s progress and even their basic existence beyond the second dimension. There are just so few amazing role models for women seeking to free themselves. Those few that…

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The men are they, The women are we.

Liberation Collective

Guest post by k8 monsta

Editor’s Note: Horton is a Women’s Holiday Centre set up in England in 1979.  It offers low-price holiday accommodation, in a friendly and supportive environment, for women and children who were otherwise restricted by their circumstances. It was made possible by donations from women and many hours of women’s volunteer time. Thousands of women, children and groups have used the house and it has become a well-established and well-used resource for women in the north of England and beyond. The House has been sustained successfully since then through a combination of income from visitors, donations and fundraising, and many hard working volunteers.

As a women’s holiday centre, Horton’s policy says “we are able only to welcome women born women and living as women.” So it is unsurprising that it has attracted the attention of those who support “trans women” i.e. men, who want to be able to go there. A…

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We Need A Mandemic

“I happened to be watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager last night when the idea came to me. There could be a virus that causes gene mutations in men that rewrites their DNA. Then, when men have sex with women, they are drained of their DNA, “where it is then implanted into females, causing the death of the males. As a result, new males are constantly created and harvested” by women, as suits their needs. You should have seen the desiccated corpses on the Taresian planet!

But perhaps this is too harsh implausible. It is science fiction, after all.

Look, I’m not an infectious disease specialist. I’m not exactly sure how this could work. I just know that there are 200 million missing females in the world because of patriarchy, so Mother Nature needs to put her finger on the scales, and if She would kindly oblige, just push down a little extra hard.”

Excerpt, Lori Day, from Feminist Current. Entire post here.