They Do It Intentionally

When they keep telling you, it’s you

and you keep saying, no, it’s you

and this goes on and on

and on and on and on and on and on

until you just can’t do it anymore

until you don’t care, just then

who it is anymore

That is when they think they win

That your defeat admits that it is about you

But actually, it was never about you

It was never about your love

or your sense of obligation

or your free heart.

It was never about your love

It was never about your creativity

it was never

about anything but a bunch of lies.

because lies work

lies mindfuck us

because we are trained to always be kind and trusting

see how that works?

they may not know what they do

but they still do it on purpose

because it works. So, sisters

the goal here, the only one that can work

Is to fight to stop that business of working

From working. The only goal

That works, is about breaking that working

Smash it to smithereens.

get these bad works out of our way

So we can get on with it, the work

that is not about poison

that is not about holy lies

The work about life wanting to live

that life whom we have almost


But not quite.



3 thoughts on “They Do It Intentionally

  1. Reblogged this on WolfWomanoftheNorth and commented:
    Very beautifully written. I experienced this in my abusive relationship, but it’s actually a societal problem, and now I experience it in almost every interaction I have with men, both anti-feminist and men who wish to define feminism for us. The public oppression of females is responsible for the private abuse of women and girls. What a strong message! We must learn to live for ourselves and support other women for our dignity.

    Liked by 1 person

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