MtF transsexual explains what it’s like to have a vagina

Purple Sage

Oh good! I was just hoping that a man would explain to me what it’s like to have a vagina! This transwoman got his penis inverted and he helpfully explains here how his inverted penis is almost exactly the same as a vagina. Awesome.

“Twelve months have passed now [after getting SRS] and every day is a new, exciting experience for me, although nothing compares to those first few minutes. So these are twelve things that I’ve learned so far, in my first twelve months with my vagina.”

I really just fucking can’t wait to hear what you have learned about having a vagina, dude!

“1. Looks aren’t everything. I think I watched too much porn when I was younger or I stared up too many dresses of Barbies. Prior to my surgery, if I’d had a choice to design my kitten, I would’ve asked for very-little-to-no definition of my labia…

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